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Get Your Own Share Of Multi-Billion Dollar Mobile App Business With Our Easy To Use ....
Some Of The Features:
Create Android, Kindle, iOS and HTML5 Apps.
Create Both Free and Paid Apps.
Push Notification Capabability.
Publish To Your Developer Account.
In-App Purchase Capability.
Monthly Plan:

Only $129 $99 Annual Access

Lifetime Plan:

Only $799 $497 One Time Payment

Why Do You Need To Get Into Mobile APP Business Right Now ?
You May Be Asking Yourself, "Why Do I Need To Get Into Mobile App Business?". But The Answer Is Simple: Millions of Dollars Are Being Made Today In The Mobile APP Business And It Is Very Easy To Create Mobile Apps, Especially With Our App Maker Platform. Read Below To See More Reasons To Start Creating Mobile Apps Now:

Mobile App Is a HOT Cake Trend Now
Millions of Apps are downloaded everyday from the app stores, both android, iOS and Kindle App Stores. Everybody wants apps on their mobile devices.

App Business is Highly Profitable
Flappy Bird was making $50,000 per day before it was pulled off the app stores. WhatsApp was bought by facebook for $19 billion Dollars... Get Your Share Now!

Very Simple to Create Apps With Our Platform
With our online app creator platform, everything is very simple to do. It is POINT and CLICK or DRAG and DROP. You don't need programming knowledge because you are not going to be coding anything!

Create Apps for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire
Our app creator platform will allow you to build apps for iOS devices, android devices and kindle devices. So, what are you waiting for? Get started now.

Create Unlimited Apps For Yourself or Your Clients
There is no limit to how many apps you can create with APP SIMPLE CREATOR. Create as many apps as you want for yourself. You can also create apps and sell them to businesses in your local area. You can charge as much as $1,500 upfront fee and about $300 monthly maintenance fee.

Every Business Needs Apps, Because It Help Business To Grow Faster In Customer Base
With Push Notification feature, it is very easy for businesses to send messages and coupons to their customers and it is FREE for them.

Easily Become a Magazine Publisher And Be Proud!
Start your own magazine publishing business and make more money. The competition is very low in magazine publishing and if you get it now, you will make a lot of money. It is very simple to do. How will you feel to be called a publisher?

Make Easy Plenty of Money From Ads
You can integrate ads from admob, RevMOB or iAD platform into your apps. Flappy Bird was making $50,000n a day in ad revenue before the owner took this app off the app stores.
BUNCH Of Great APP SIMPLE CREATOR Features That Will Triple Your Downloads!

Integrate Local Coupon Feature

Create Beautiful Photo Apps

REVMob, AdMob, iAD Monetization

Include Custom Tabs In Your Apps

Integrate Facebook, Youtube & Twitter

Become A Magazine Publisher

Monthly Plan:

Only $129 $99 Annual Access

Lifetime Plan:

Only $799 $497 One Time Payment

WAIT! APP SIMPLE CREATOR Has Loads of Other Powerful Features!
Until you try it, you will not know how powerful is APP SIMPLE CREATOR platform. Everything to make you successful in Mobile App Business. And we keep adding more features everyday. Here are some more:
Sell Inside Your App! It Is Called "In-App Purchase"
If you are thinking about quick money, App is the business to make money. Sell digital contents inside your apps. Very Easy.
In App Communication. Push Notification
Sell more or just communicate with your app users. It is called Push Notification. It is a pop-up message that show up on your app user's devices. Your message will get read, I guarantee you.
Allow Users To Share Your App
Share your app Message on facebook. It is easy and it is simple. Also, let your friends and family members share it on their facebook page as well.
Syncing Your App To All Users' Devices
Sell more or just communicate with your app users. It is called Push Notification. It is a pop-up message that show up on your app user's devices. Your message will get read, I guarantee you.
Sell Apps To Businesses And Even Provide Monthly Maintenance Services
If you are looking for a way to make quick money, start to create apps for businesses such as pizza places, cab companies, dentist practioners and so on. Sky is the limit. You can charge between $500 to $1,500 upfront fee and collect between $300 to $500 to provide monthly maintenance service. This is like collecting money every single month for doing nothing.
What Our Happy Customers Are Saying?
I got into app business six months ago relunctantly. Today, I am making average of $200 per day from ads in my apps, without doing anything else. I'm very happy.
David JacksonDallas, TX, USA.
With App Simple Creator, I have created and sold over 20 Apps to local businesses in my area. This sales has brought me over $35,000 in lump sum revenue. And I still get monthly residual income of $1,255, just for maintaining these apps for my clients. This is Awesome!
Rebecca KingAtlanta, GA, USA.
I have sold 5 of my apps online for a total of $13,750. I am currently earning $3,500 every month from the app store. I have six more apps coming out very soon. I think I have hit the jackpot. This system is very easy to use.
Benton SamAusrralia
I was skeptical about getting this platform. But I'm glag I get it. It easy to use with plethoria of templates to use. I have made my money back more thant ten times.
Jim DereckBaltimore, MD, USA.
Try APP SIMPLE CREATOR for 30-Day Risk Free

We are so confident that you will absolutely love APP SIMPLE CREATOR that we are offering a full 30-Day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee… We take all the risk so you don’t have to…
Monthly Plan:

Only $129 $99 Annual Access

Lifetime Plan:

Only $799 $497 One Time Payment

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: What If I Get Stuck and Need Help?
We are here to support and help you. Just contact us and we will provide assistance that you may need. Also, we have great video tutorials that will help you get everything done very easily.

Q: How Much Can I Make With This App Business?
The answer to that question depends on your effort. The mobile app business is a multi-billion dollar business a year. While we can not guarantee how much you can make, there is a greater chance you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year if you put effort.

Q: Do I Need App Developer Accounts With Android Google Play App Store and Apple iOS App store?
If you don't have one, we can help you upload your apps through our own developer account. You still make the same amount of money. And when you are ready to sell your app, we will help you in transfering them.

Q: How Many Apps Can I Create With This App Creation Platform?
Unlimited! Yes, you can create as many apps as you want. There is no limit to how many apps you can create. And you can even create apps and sell them to businesses.

Q: What Type of Apps Can I Create?
You can create game apps, utility apps, kids tutorial apps, magazine apps, book apps, website apps, RSS feed apps, music apps, video apps, photo apps and so on. You can actually submit your apps to Apple App Store and Android Google Play App Store.

Q: What Is Your Money Back Policy ?
I know once you start creating apps and making money, you will not want to cancel this once-in-a-lifetime offer. But if for any reason you need to cancel, we have 30-day no question asked money back guarantee. Just send us an email and we will refund all your money.
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